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Design for me, Kate, is the centre of everything I do, I'm passionate about all aspects of design having over 40 years within the design industry; I want to share this with you.

Specialising in kitchen design; we want to walk in your shoes to find out what are the important elements that make you happy when using this space? How will you feel walking around your new kitchen? As the service we offer you is from concept, we take your ideas and formulate them into 3D visuals, with kitchen suppliers direct from Italy and an installation team to bring your project to life. 

Kitchen design is just the beginning, our expertise extends beyond this, with Italian furniture suppliers for the rest of the house we can supply you with a taste of Italian luxury. Imagine a service that draws together the elements to make your interior vision a reality. We help you realise the potential for your property; whether it's your home or you are looking to sell or rent.

Whatever your project, whatever your style, you are unique, from simple sophistication to eclectic elegance or warm and cosy to stark and minimalist, it's your choice. All your special details are important to us, we can then deliver to you a home you are proud of. All costs are laid out so there aren't any surprises along the way, our main aim is to help you get the best for your budget.

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Award winning kitchen design 
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